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Glitch working with BT on major new campaign to tackle online abuse

We’re proud to have played a key role in the launch of BT's new ‘Draw the Line’ campaign.

Over the last two months, we provided training to upskill the BT, EE & BT Sport teams to become good digital citizens. The Glitch team helped develop an algorithmic abuse tool to track the levels of abuse on Twitter as well as shape new research which sadly confirms how increasingly unsafe our online spaces are.

The data reveals that more than one in ten of us have received online abuse in the last year. It’s alarming how commonplace online abuse has become, especially when looking at statistics regarding women and marginalised communities who are more likely to receive abuse, with 47% of social media users seeing racist abuse online.

You may see us on TV as part of the campaign, sharing ways in which we, as digital citizens, can help Draw The Line. It’s no longer good enough to just not post abuse online nor to close our eyes to the abuse online, or disregard it as banter.  We all need to act. Because until we - individuals, and social media companies especially - all commit to taking action, this problem won’t go away.

As English football united to boycott social media and use their powerful online presence against the rise in online abuse, we believe it’s time to create lasting change. This can be the final boycott and a catalyst for lasting change if social media companies commit to making their platforms safe for everyone. Join us over the next few weeks we continue to call on tech companies to take responsibility and make their platforms safe for everyone.

Find out more about Draw the Line from BT here.