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Emerging from a Strategic Pause

Our organisational pause enabled us to reflect on our achievements, rest, celebrate our wins and strategise how Glitch can continue to create a joyous internet.

We’re excited to announce that Glitch is back in play!

Glitch has spent the past six years changing the law on internet content regulation, becoming a key voice in ending online abuse and delivering workshops and free resources to empower thousands of digital citizens dedicated to creating a safer internet. Our organisational pause allowed us to collate key lessons from this long journey. We reflected on our achievements and decided to set aside time to rest, celebrate our wins and strategise how Glitch can continue to create a joyous internet. As a charity led by a Black woman that centres Black women in our mission, vision and solutions, rest is a deliberate practice and radical value.

Now that we have embraced this pause, we’re excited to embed this in our strategy, our operations and how we deliver as an organisation. We’re energised by what we have in store for the year ahead and are excited to continue celebrating how far we’ve come.

Glitch will build on the research conducted for our Digital Misogynoir Report to anticipate and understand how Black women will be impacted by the rapid rise of deepfakes – the generative AI that is increasingly deployed to harm women and marginalised communities online. This research will provide the foundation for further work in this area, specifically concerning policies that protect Black women from AI-generated racialised and gendered violence.

And as we await the announcement of a general election in the UK this year, Glitch is preparing a campaign and a suite of resources to support Black women and other women of colour politicians, who receive 35% more abusive posts online compared to their white colleagues. A key part of this work will be calling on tech companies, the UK government, all political parties and digital citizens around the world to acknowledge the threat to democracy that violence against Black women represents – and take it seriously.

The misogynoir Black women face online and offline must be addressed, and we need more people of goodwill to step up and take action. For the rest of the year, we’ll continue to provide ways for you all to join us to create the change we need; and we’ll continue to advocate for Black women and marginalised communities in spaces we are so often excluded from. We are passionate about making the internet a safe space for Black women and marginalised communities – and in doing so, for everyone.

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