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Glitch & Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Our organisation Glitch, a Black-led feminist UK charity, has been working with Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council since 2020. Our role in Trust and Safety work is to hold tech companies to account, represent the safety needs of Black women on the platform and ensure that our expertise is impacting policy and practice in the day to day running of the platform.

As a Trust and Safety Council member, Glitch has received minimal communications from Twitter since its ownership changed hands. This week, we are meeting with the platforms Trust and Safety staff for the first time since the leadership change, along with other Council members. Following our meeting, Glitch will be evaluating our position on the Council in line with our mission: what will have the most impact for the safety of Black women on the platform.

Our Trust and Safety work with tech companies is an important part of what we do, but is not the only way we hold platforms to account. Alongside our Trust and Safety work, we do research, lobbying and awareness raising on how platforms continue to uphold harmful and discriminatory practices, and systems, that result in harm for Black women. Harm that is censoring the freedom of expression of Black women who, our research shows, experience disproportionate abuse and are more likely to modify their behaviour because of it (including self censorship, self removal and reduced participation online).

Last week, some of the longest standing coalition partners from Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council resigned. This was due to their concerns about the impact of the new leadership on the Council’s work including declining safety and wellbeing of Twitter users, widespread dismissals of Twitter employees, and potentially damaging changes to content moderation practices. We share many of their concerns and plan to raise them directly with the platform via the Council this week. We are also deeply concerned about the response to these resignations, which included abuse, misinformation and direct comments from Twitter CEO Elon Musk linking these members to decisions they played no part in.

Our position as a Trust and Safety Council member is voluntary and advisory. This means we do not take any decisions on behalf of the company and can only seek to advise based on evidence and expertise. Glitch, like all Council members, participate in trust and safety work with great responsibility, determination and care for our community and will continue to do so along as we feel we can contribute to both trust and safety on the platform.