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Glitch x EE Hope United: Online Safety Bill Campaign

Glitch is working with EE Hope United to highlight online abuse and the Online Safety Bill.

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by EE has revealed that 53% of the UK public don’t feel the internet is a safe space for women, and 62% of the UK believe that not enough is being done to tackle online and offline misogyny.

  • Women of colour are 34% more likely to be mentioned in abusive tweets than white women
  • 87% of women change their behaviour after receiving online abuse. Why should they have to?
  • 65% of women who report abuse to internet companies don’t feel heard

An important way to reduce this is with the Online Safety Bill — the government’s commitment to making the UK the safest place in the world to be online. If the Bill is passed, it could be a significant step forward in reducing online abuse for everyone. It will require social media companies and search engines to reduce the amount of harmful content circulating online, from serious crimes to abusive or misleading posts.

The draft law is currently 262 pages and does not mention women and girls once, despite the disproportionate levels of online gender-based violence. As the Online Safety Bill progresses through the House of Lords, we are calling for Peers in the House of Lords to support amendments to change the bill to strengthen it for women and girls, including a mandated Violence Against Women and Girls Code of Practice.

We believe that the Bill can do more to protect women and girls online. Together let’s #MakeItSafer:

Show your support by tweeting the House of Lords.

To find out more about how to support, visit the Hope United website.