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Manifesto on Tech Accountability for Ending Online Gender-Based Violence

We all want to find joy and benefit from emerging technology in the online space and for it to be a tool for - and not a weapon against - our democracy.

But tech corporations are putting profit over people. Even with new regulations in place, these companies are allowing online gender-based violence and racist abuse to be posted and targeted at women and girls on their platforms.

Together, we can hold our elected officials accountable for honouring the Online Safety Act and ensuring the online space is free from misogynoir.

Political parties must commit to:

💡 The strong implementation of the Online Safety Act for all women and girls

💡 A public health approach to ending online gender based violence, with increased media literacy and enhanced digital citizenship across the UK

💡 A ‘tech tax’ that ringfences the revenue already collected from Big Tech and puts it towards preventative online gender-based violence interventions; and

💡 AI regulation that includes risk assessments for how AI can exacerbate racism and sexism through enabling abuse, such as deepfakes and misinformation, and encoding bias in databases, such as those used for policing or content moderation

Together, we can change the online space and ensure online platforms are created by Big Tech for us, not just themselves.

Questions you could ask your political candidates in the general election:

  1. What actions are you taking – as individuals and within your party – to protect and empower Black women online and encourage Black women’s civic participation?
  2. How will you hold tech corporations accountable for ending online gender-based violence?
  3. How will you ensure AI is regulated effectively to prevent the further spread of racism and sexism online?