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Manifesto on Tech Accountability for Online Gender-Based Violence

We all want to find joy and benefit from emerging technology in the online space and for it to be a tool for - and not a weapon against - our democracy.

But tech corporations are putting profit over people. Even with new regulations in place, these companies are allowing online gender-based violence and racist abuse to be posted and targeted at women and girls on their platforms.

Together, we can hold tech corporation CEOs accountable. Political parties must commit to:

💡 The strong implementation of the Online Safety Act for all women and girls

💡 A public health approach to ending online gender based violence, with increased media literacy and enhanced digital citizenship across the UK; and

💡 A ‘tech tax’ that ringfences the revenue already collected from Big Tech and puts it towards preventative online gender-based violence interventions.

Together, we can change the online space and ensure online platforms are created by Big Tech for us, not just themselves.