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Meet the Glitch Team

We're a small but mighty team of passionate people who want to end online abuse for good. It's a huge and often tiring task, so we put self-care and wellbeing at the centre of our work to ensure that we're in the best place possible to take on the challenge.

Interested in joining the Glitch team? See our current vacancies and further info here.

Seyi Akiwowo – CEO + Founder (she/her)

After five years of working consistently for Glitch, Seyi Akiwowo, our Founder and CEO, is now on a three month sabbatical to take a breather from the intensity of challenging abuse online.

Before setting up Glitch, Seyi (pronounced Shay-ee) was elected as the youngest Black female Councillor in East London at age 23. A graduate of the London School of Economics, Seyi has spent 10 years working in politics, policy and the charity sector. Using her lived experience and expertise on the topic of online abuse, Seyi co-designs practical solutions with Governments, NGOs and tech companies to make the online space safer for all. Seyi sits on the Guardian Council of Yoti, is a Gates Foundation Global Goalkeeper, and, in 2020, she was appointed a ​Knight Fellow of the Institute for Data, Democracy and Politics at George Washington University. She has also given talks at the European Parliament, TEDx London and the United Nations.

Eva – Acting CEO (she/her)

Eva is Acting Chief Executive Officer while Seyi is on sabbatical. Otherwise, as Glitch's Chief Operating Officer, Eva is second-in-command to our Founder, responsible for supporting the delivery of Glitch's charitable mandate, leading on strategic and sustainable development of the charity. An LSE graduate in International Relations, with ten years of experience, she has worked with some of the biggest international organisations on a number of issues including anti-corruption, human rights and freedom of speech. Eva has a broad knowledge base and skill set, including strategic development, programme management, advocacy, digital security, training and research. Eva is passionate about people and interested in the collective individual and social experience of life. Her aim is to do the best she can to close gaps in inequality that lead to conflict and curb the unfair treatment of people through the improvement of governance (the way people, governments and companies do things). A mental health champion, her motto is 'community care is self-care'. (Eng/Fr speaking.)

Gabriela De Oliveira – Head of Policy, Research and Campaigns (she/her)

Gabriela worked across campaigning, policy, research and innovation in the nonprofit sector prior to joining Glitch. Her work includes policy and advocacy work with children at risk of exclusion, participatory research with LGBTQ+ care experienced people and campaigning for disability rights with people with MS. Her passion lies in working with people with lived experience to bring attention to social issues, pushing us to work across sectors to bring about the change we need. Her interest in data and AI ethics is driven by practical experience working with data and decision making in different services and contexts. Her previous work on digital harms focused on online gender-based violence, with a particular focus on intimate image abuse. Her own experience of prolonged self-exclusion from the digital space gives her a deep understanding of how online harm can impact people's lives. Gabriela has a strong ethos of collaboration and speaks English, French, Portuguese and Spanish, meaning she's always looking to collaborate across borders where possible.

Caitlin McCullough – Head of Communications & Public Fundraising (she/her)

With a background in feminist activism and charity sector work, and specific expertise around communications and fundraising in the Violence Against Women & Girls (VAWG) sector, Caitlin seeks to bring a feminist lens to all of her work. Having studied the impact of international online community building for activists as a Gender Studies MA, she believes in the extraordinary power of the internet to create positive change when we have the tools we need to use it safely. She is passionate about challenging the status quo in the workplace, the wider world and in herself, in order to build a better, kinder world for everyone. She is a fierce advocate of LGBTQ rights, and seeks to bring an intersectional approach to her work, recognising that multiple intersecting identities can significantly increase the likelihood of experiencing online abuse.

Hilary Watson – Policy + Campaigns Manager (she/her)

Having spent her career in the third sector, Hilary has worked for causes including the prevention of violence against women and gender equality. She has two degrees from the University of Warwick, and, in 2017, she took part in the European Women’s Lobby summer school for young feminists. Our lead on policy, advocacy and campaigns, Hilary has a particular focus on women and their intersecting identities, ensuring that decision-makers and technology companies make online spaces safe and inclusive for all.

Gwen Taylor – Programme Manager (they/them)

Prior to joining Glitch, Gwen worked in education – first as a Library Assistant then as an English teacher in Vietnam, where they developed training sessions for new teachers, teaching assistants and other staff. They recently completed an MA in Environment, Development and Policy, which saw them explore how intersectional identities are impacted by sustainable development programmes. Gwen is passionate about using education as a way to make change, and has an interest in social and environmental justice.

Zahabiya Husain – Senior Team Coordinator (she/her)

After spending her youth in Yorkshire, Zahabiya moved to London to earn a law degree from SOAS, University of London. After a short stint in event management, she has worked in development, policy and legal research in Sri Lanka since 2015. Her work has covered UNHRC Resolutions, military profits, environmental public-interest-litigation and wider transitional justice concerns. More recently she has focused on assisting refugees to rebuild their lives and writing about a range of topics for an array of media outlets. Zahabiya is passionate about innovative solutions for social and environmental justice issues and has just completed a postgraduate fellowship in social innovation. She has a particular interest in the intersection of racism, sexism and climate injustice.

Christina Corbett – Communications Manager

Christina has worked with the UN, Oxfam and in the charity sector, with organisations both huge and tiny, for twelve years. Before that she worked as a journalist for the BBC, and has reported on Madagascar and the Middle East for a variety of outlets. She uses her love of media and communications to help direct the power of communications channels to achieve goals around tackling injustice and in humanitarian crises.

Lauren - Trainer

Lauren is a trainer for Glitch, originally joining Glitch to support with communications in 2019. Lauren enjoys conveying the importance of digital self-care in particular from her own experiences. Lauren is passionate about making the world a better place, especially for marginalised communities.

Neelam - Trainer

Neelam Heera, a Tedx speaker, founded Cysters after facing her own battles around diagnosis and care and wanting to address the health inequalities faced by those from communities of colour and the LGBT community. Most recently the organisation has changed its name to become inclusive of trans communities. Due to this Neelam was faced with weeks of online abuse for having inclusive values, hence why she joined Glitch. Neelam’s work has been recognised by the Pride of Britain and Point of Light awards from the Prime Minister.

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We are using media, social media, campaigns and collaborations with partners to keep online abuse in the public spotlight.

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