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This pledge is a way for businesses who are passionate about anti-racism to make a commitment to support an impactful Black-led charity in our work to make the online space safer for Black women, in a way that is meaningful & lasts beyond the (all too often temporary) interest granted to our work in Black History Month: through donations and a commitment to public conversations around the issue of online safety. Pledgers will be celebrated on the Glitch website, and invited to participate in future work to make the online space safer for all.

Safer Digital Spaces Pledge

Online abuse affects us all - your employees, current clients/customers, your loved ones - and research proves that Black women bear the brunt of the harm. At Glitch we believe everyone deserves the right to a safe and joyful online experience. Will you help us make that safety a reality?

Sign our Safer Digital Spaces Pledge, a public commitment from businesses to support online safety work through investment, awareness raising and supporting their staff.

Participating businesses commit to:

πŸ’› Financial support to Glitch, a Black-led charity focused on Black women’s safety online

πŸ’› Public commitment to online safety awareness raising

πŸ’› Support for safety programmes to make the online space safer for Black women

Play a part in making online abuse history by pledging your support today.

Our Pledge Signatories πŸ’›

Further signatories TBC – will you be next?