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“The more hate I receive, the more of a reason it is to carry on doing my job.”

Another Black woman speaking out about the impact of online racist and misogynist abuse. We thank @OtiMabuse for sharing her experience. It is shameful that a talented dancer and TV/Radio personality like Oti should have to “fight and be strong” when doing her day-to-day job because of online hate and abuse.

“I have to show young girls that anything is possible. I have to fight, and be strong.”

— Oti Mabuse
Oti Mabuse on ITV's Dancing on Ice. Photograph: Matt Frost/ITV/Rex/Shutterstock

At Glitch, we know that online abuse is often directed at individuals to embarrass, threaten, offend, humiliate, scare and/or silence them. Oti’s strength of character and commitment to her work does not mean she does not need support, as others do too. We can all play our part. It starts with us, now.

Every one of us can help better support Black women online by being active bystanders and allies. #DigitalCitizenship means taking ownership of the online space and supporting others. You can be a better ally and digital citizenship by doing three simple things: spot, report, support: Glitch x BT Sport Tech Tips

But to truly protect women online who are more at risk of abuse, we need support from tech platforms. Content moderation and reporting systems need to be improved to better support women, particularly Black women who are more at risk of online abuse than white women. Sign our petition calling on the Government to make sure women and girls are included in new laws for tech companies.

Employers such as @BBCstrictly, have a duty to support and protect employees who are at disproportionate risk of online hate and abuse. Including helping to escalate cases to social media companies, statements of solidarity and amplifying the voices of your talent. Especially for women who work in the public eye, for whom threats and hate have been seen to lead to real life danger such as the case of MP Dawn Butler.

We extend our solidarity and thanks to Oti. The Glitch community supports you!