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What it's like to work at Glitch: the team tell us about their highlights

Lauren Pemberton-Nelson was Glitch’s Senior Communications Co-ordinator in 2020. She says the highlights of her time working with Glitch include.... 

  • Working on the Black Lives Matter Online Too campaign: recognising the long-term impact of triggering and violent content on mental health, this petition called for social media companies to implement better controls on such content
  • The launch of our Ripple Effect report, which showed that, during the COVID19 pandemic, 46% of respondents experienced online abuse. That figure increased to 50% for Black and minoritised women and nonbinary people. 
  • Promoting Glitch’s programme of workshops, which provides groups and individuals with expert knowledge on online safety, digital self-care, and wellbeing - and then seeing the impact of hundreds of women and non-binary people getting that training. 

My overall highlight would be that I had the opportunity to give meaningful input and feel like what I said, and did, mattered - not only internally in the organisation, but also with working to increase understanding of digital citizenship and knowledge on online abuse. 

My top tips for anyone starting a position at Glitch are: 

- Do as much research as possible about online abuse and its disproportionate impact on women 

- Immerse yourself in the work that Glitch does and its brand values: collaborative, dynamic, trusted, self-care, brave, empowering, inclusive and progressive. 


What's the best thing about working for Glitch? “Having the opportunity to impact on one of the key issues of our time. The prevalence and increase in online abuse is worrying; the opportunity to play a role in ending that abuse is huge and so important."

Rachel, Interim Head of Communications and Public Fundraising

“I’m excited by the way that we all help shape how the organisation operates - there’s not a mindset that things are done a certain way because that's the system that's always been in place.”

Hilary, Policy + Campaigns Manager