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Online abuse is a huge problem. Despite it making the headlines, there is very little mention of those who are most frequent targets: Black women and other people of colour, and LGBTQIA and other marginalised people. Glitch is an award-winning UK charity committed to ending online abuse by educating people on how they can engage positively, respectfully and justly in all digital spaces.

You can help: 

SIGN our joint petition with the End Violence Against Women Coalition, asking the Prime Minister to make sure that the online safety law includes and protects women and girls. 

JOIN our community to hear more about digital citizenship and how we can all play our part. It starts with us, now. Sign up here.

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As part of the #DrawTheLine campaign, Glitch provided training to upskill the BT, EE & BT Sport teams to become good digital citizens. We helped to develop an algorithmic abuse tool to track the levels of abuse on Twitter, as well as shape new research which sadly confirms how increasingly unsafe our online spaces are.

Draw the Line
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We are campaigning to ensure that online abuse against women, and its disproportionate impact on racialised and minoritised communities, is reflected in the Online Safety Bill.

Our Campaigns
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What's it like to work at Glitch? Interesting, innovative, impactful and more, that's what! Hear more from our team in our new blog.

What it’s like to work at Glitch