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About Glitch

Glitch is an award-winning UK charity ending online abuse  and championing digital citizenship. We have a particular focus on Black women and marginalised people. Through training, research, workshops and community building, we're building an online world that is safer for all.

We focus our effort on four key areas: Awareness, Advocacy, Action and Anchor.


Using campaigns and collaborations with partners—including universities, corporates and other charities—we work hard to highlight the problem of online abuse. You might also see us on TV, podcasts or on stage, speaking up about the impact it has on individuals and society, as well as solutions to tackle it.


We see ourselves as a ‘critical friend’ of the powerful forces in tech, law enforcement and privacy. This means working closely with the major social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and TikTok—so we can influence their policies and hold them to account when needed—as well as helping public institutions create better legislation to prevent and address online abuse.


We want everyone to feel confident when navigating online and offline spaces – especially women and girls, who are disproportionately affected by discrimination. Through our educational work, we promote the concept of ‘digital citizenship’ and break down complex topics including online hate speech, online gender-based violence and information disorders. For more info, check out our free resources or read more about our paid workshops.


We are a sustainable, small-to-medium sized charity, building a knowledgeable and inclusive team that is creative, agile and dynamic. We are values driven, working to enable the team to deliver their work and achieve our overall mission: ending online abuse. Glitch aims to lead by example by being brave and committed to doing charity differently.

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We are using media, social media, campaigns and collaborations with partners to keep online abuse in the public spotlight.

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We are campaigning to influence governments and tech companies to make meaningful change to online abuse.

Our Campaigns
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We offer workshops and consultancy to help people understand online abuse, how to prevent it and how to bring big tech companies to account.

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